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The story so far!

An Aussie trader calling himself Madcow made some pretty good calls on a trading chat site. When they asked him how he did it he told them he had a pet chicken with magic voodoo powers. In the end he confessed that he'd actually worked really hard and developed some new trading stuff, which was a shame because he could have sold magic chickens for heaps more money.

Now I have a bit of a problem here. If I were to claim that by sending me $1000 you will instantly become a gun trader, work only 1 hour a day make a million bucks and have the rest of the day free for wine, sex and song, loads of stoopid people would send me money. However trading is hard, requires diligence, discipline, skill and serious mojo. The magic Holy Grail trading system where you buy on the green arrow and sell on the red arrow DOES NOT EXIST.
I have developed some new indicators (as an add on or plug in for MetestockTM) to help spot some stock, option or futures trading opportunities, and probably most important, a series of scans or explorations  which, if run diligently every day, should help you to spend your precious time looking at the wheat rather than the chaff.
Unfortunately I cannot explain this in a few glib bullet points so there are a few PowerPointTM presentations and ExcelTM files to look at which may take several minutes to download. Regard this as a test because the share market has a way or transfering wealth from the impatient to the patient.

My Magic Chicken


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